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Ordering Information


Yes! We Accept Personal Checks! accepts personal checks, cashiers checks and money orders. If you choose to pay by personal check there will be a short delay of ten business days to insure your payment clears at the bank this method of payment involves the least expense and effort for you.

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Your payment must be Postmarked within 24 hours
of the date and time your confirmation expires.

Make Payment Payable To: "Goldmasters Precious Metals"

Send Payment to:
Post Office Box 7299
Tacoma, Washington 98417

Bank Wire Payment Transfer Information

We require bank wire payment on transactions of $10,000 or more (No added Charge).
This is a very simple process of contacting your bank and providing transfer information.
Note: Bank wire information is provided with your order confirmation.

We suggest bank wire payment for transactions where very fast delivery is desired.
You do not have to wait for the U.S. mail to get your check to us, and then wait for your funds to clear - this may dramatically speed up the delivery of your purchase.
United States: Please add $20.00 if you choose to send wire payment on trades of less than $10,000

Wire Payment on trades over $10,000 must be Received the same day of the date and time your confirmation expires this is easily accomplished by making sure your funds are available to wire immediately from a Bank before you place your order, then making sure you place your order early in the day during weekday hours before 4:30 P.M. New York time.
Note: Credit Unions and Brokerage Houses may not be able to directly wire funds. If you miss the deadline your order may be reconfirmed based on the market value for the day we receive your funds (Our choice).
Note: Every effort is made to ship your order the same day wire payment funds arrive.

  • Personal Checks: All personal checks are held for clearance for 15 days in order to be
    sure the funds are secure. (Note: Questionable checks e.g. checks without address, phone, or
    brokerage account checks without  imprint etc. may be held for a longer period.. Please be advised we cannot call your bank on any personal checks. If our bank does not notify us that your personal check has not cleared we ship the goods.
  • Cashiers Checks: Most Cashiers Checks cannot be verified and are treated as unsecured funds.
  • Bank Drafts: Most Bank Drafts cannot be verified and are treated as unsecured funds.
  • Money Orders: Most Money Orders cannot be verified and are treated as unsecured funds.
  • Postal Money Orders: All Postal Money Orders are treated as secured funds.
  • Wire Transfers: All Wire Transfers are treated as secured funds. (Very fast service when possible.)
    Note: Wire payment information will be provided with your email confirmation.
  • Cash as a payment method: 
    We do not recommend you send cash.
    We will accept cash for online trades. If you choose to make payment by cash please take precautions to make sure payment
    arrives safely such as registered or insured mail. Does Not accept Credit Cards, ACH or Fee Based Payment Methods:
Fee Based payment methods = Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, BidPay etc!

Note: Payment that cannot be readily verified are treated as unsecured funds.


All orders must be assigned a trade number and must
 be confirmed by email before sending payment.

Regarding non compliance, default, renege, or order cancellation for any reason:

If we have not received payment in full within ten business days after you have been confirmed by and you have ACCEPTED the terms of the agreement your order will be automatically cancelled and a 5% charge will be billed to you calculated on the total amount of your order plus the difference in the market value, if any, calculated on market close for the 10th business day from the confirmation cancellation date.

Note: It is always best to send your payment immediately to ensure we can honor your confirmed price and process your order in a timely manner.

Shipping Information

Shipping Fees United States, Possessions and U.S. Military:

Please no personal pick-up at our retail location.

Postage - Insurance - Registered Mail Charges - Handling
       $16.50 for an order $1.00 to $1,000.00
     Add $3.00 per thousand over $1,000.00

Heavy Packages may be Shipped United Parcel Service (Insured)

Note: Orders over $250,000.00 may be shipped via Brinks Security ( choice).
Brinks delivers to financial institutions (banks, etc.) and established businesses within 50 miles
of major cities in the United States, Europe and Asia. reserves the right to decline shipping to post office boxes or personal addresses on orders exceeding $250,000.00.

Orders are assigned trade numbers and cannot be combined

We can accept additional requests for a confirmation after all prior
confirmation requests have expired and 48 hours has lapsed.

All order are insured for their maximum allowable value All Silver Coin & Bullion orders are shipped via United States Postal Service\ by registered / insured mail This is by far the safest most reliable service available today.Occasionally we ship heavy parcel via UPS, Federal Express, Brinks etc.

If you have any questions please resolve them before placing your order!

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